The first, and most important, step to being successful in the markets is understanding yourself. That’s why the tagline of Psychtrader is “Find yourself, then trade. Being successful in the markets is measured by performance. You are successful if your profit curve is positive at the end of a defined period; whether it’s a day, week, month or year. Why is it that so many fail at trading then? Because they try to trade the wrong market, the wrong time frame or the wrong instrument. Oftentimes it’s a combination of all three.

I designed a personality profile report, geared towards trading, from a well known and highly researched personality assessment. The report is called the Market Awareness Profile (MAP) and is the starting block for success.

Knowing which characteristic traits can help your trading, along with those that can hurt your trading, is powerful. This knowledge provides you with insight into which style of trading is most complementary to your personality.



Oftentimes the titles of coach and mentor are used interchangeably. I prefer to separate the two as I believe each has a unique role in your trading success.


If you’ve tried, with limited success, to find your place in the markets then you would be seeking a mentor. A mentor is someone who has a vast knowledge, combined with experience, of the markets. The number one role of a mentor is to create the most efficient plan of action for you to exploit your talents and skills. In order to do so you’d need to know what your talents and skills are. I created the MAP as a way to quickly assess these.

Beyond finding your place in the markets we each have to deal with our personal demons. Perhaps you struggle with discipline or letting negative self-talk keep you from being profitable. This is where my doctoral studies set me apart from a typical mentor. I’ve studied and trained for many years as a counselor to help others overcome their personal weaknesses. The tools and resources I use to help others are short-term, effective and heavily researched. Don’t mistake what I do as therapy but rather as life skills to succeed in the markets. If therapy is needed I’ll make a referral.

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Perhaps you are already trading through successfully exploiting your skills and talents. You’re looking to increase your performance allowing you to “get over a hump” or pull you out of a “slump.” You would need a coach that would dissect your performance into component skills. Once those component skills are assessed the work begins to improve them on both an individual and collective basis.

Some of the areas I work with traders as a coach include defining better risk management, stopping negative self-talk, dissecting trade metrics and quicker pattern recognition. I’ve helped successful traders branch out into other sectors of the market to build upon their solid foundation. An example would be incorporating shorter timeframe analysis into a trend following system to tighten up entries and exits. The possibilities with coaching are endless.

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